Welcome to Alyson Rotter for Bremerton Schools


Quality public schools delivering efficient and effective education is the key to healthy, strong and vibrant communities.

I have a vested interest in the success of Bremerton Schools, not only as a mother of two school-age children, but as a community member that cares about the future of Bremerton.  

As part of the board of directors, I will provide leadership, collaboration, and creative problem solving skills that lead to sustainable solutions. 


Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity. 










Alyson speaking to students and families at an event designed to inspire their future plans

Bremerton schools have received accolades for academic achievement, innovative programming, and quality educators.  

However, we must continue to strive for greater excellence for all of our students.  This will become more essential as we fully implement the Common Core Standards and other measurements of achievement.

Given the continual legislative cuts and reforms to education, it is vital to make informed policy decisions in anticipation of upcoming challenges before they become crises.  Developing honest and trusting relationships between teachers, administrators, board members, and the community is essential. 

Our students can and will meet high academic standards when they have the right opportunities, resources, and support systems.  I will support policies that enhance  student learning, support our educators, and increase collaboration and communication with the community.



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